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Juiced Rite Model 75

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Ideal commercial cold press juicer for startups

Model 75
M75_Control M75_Front Model 75

Ideal commercial cold press juicer for startups



The Juiced Rite Model 75 is the smallest Juiced Rite press with an integrated shredder system, but it comes complete with full STANDARD full-size features. Two inches narrower than the Model 100, the Model 75 was designed to accommodate customers with space restraints, yet still maintain an adequate production volume. Like the slightly larger Model 100, it is perfect for Juice Bars, Health-food Stores, Storefront Operations, low volume Juice Bottling, and more. Meets or exceeds all FDA, USDA, and NSF food safety standards!



Juicer type: Commercial cold press juicer
Capacity: Up to 30 gallons per hour
Operation: Semi automatic
Weight: 445 lbs
Warranty: 1 year warranty


Key Features

  • All Stainless Steel and Electropolished Construction
  • 30 gallons per hour capacity
  • 100% Wash-Down
  • Food-Grade Hydraulic Oil
  • Complete Safety Guarding
  • One Button Operation

ProJuice USA says

Perfect model for cold press startups!